The Mindful Living Series

Mindful Living

with Yvonne Tally
Yvonne is a Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner (NLP)
specializing in mindful holistic methods of healing the body,
centering the mind and igniting your spirit within.

Healing Your Body
January 12 - February 16
7:15 pm - 8 pm

Yvonne will guide you through a healing meditation using the chakras
of the body as a focal point of healing energy.
Learn mindful healing techniques and how to integrate them into your daily living.
You will discover the emotional connection between body and mind
and experience your ability to direct self-healing
through conscious thought and meditation.

6 Weeks Series / $90
(Series is six Tuesday sessions)
Drop-In with Reservation: $22

To register please contact Heidi at


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